ISSN: 2149-2247 | E-ISSN: 2149-2549
Volume : 44 Issue : 3 Year : 2022
Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Patients with Nutcracker Esophagus [Erciyes Med J]
Erciyes Med J. 2022; 44(3): 270-273 | DOI: 10.14744/etd.2021.45380

Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Patients with Nutcracker Esophagus

Ömer Öztürk1, Mustafa Kaplan2, İlyas Tenlik1, Volkan Gökbulut1, Ferhat Bacaksız1, Derya Arı1, Yasemin Ozin1
1Department of Gastroenterology, Ankara Bilkent City Hospital, Ankara, Turkey
2Department of Gastroenterology, Kayseri Memorial Hospital, Kayseri, Turkey

bjective: This retrospective study was designed to investigate the demographic and clinical characteristics of 77 patients diagnosed with nutcracker esophagus (NE).
Materials and Methods: The medical records of patients with NE who were followed up at a single center between 2000 and 2020 were collected and analyzed.
Results: The average age of the patients was 52.5±15.7 years; 43 (55.8%) were male and 34 (44.2%) were female. Dyspha-gia was the primary symptom in 49 patients (63.6%) and noncardiac chest pain (NCCP) symptoms were prominent in 28 patients (36.4%). Esophageal manometry results according to the presenting symptom indicated that the median amplitude was 210 mmHg (min–max: 190–270 mmHg) in those with prominent NCCP and 215 mmHg (min–max: 190–310 mmHg) in those with prominent dysphagia, with no statistically significant difference between the groups (p=0.19). The mean lower esophageal sphincter pressure (LESP) of the patients was 25 mmHg (min–max: 10–80 mmHg). While the pressure was normal in 55 patients (71%), was elevated in 22 patients (29%). Comparison of the LESP results revealed that the distal esophageal amplitude (DEA) median was 220 mmHg (min–max: 190–310 mmHg) in patients with normal LESP and 210 mmHg (min–max: 190–250 mmHg) in those with a high LESP. Normal or high LESP was not associated with high DEA (p=0.57).
Conclusion: Patients with NE may present with a variety of symptoms. The presence of reflux should be investigated and symptomatic treatment should be applied.

Keywords: Distal esophageal amplitudes, nutcracker esophagus, reflux.

Ömer Öztürk, Mustafa Kaplan, İlyas Tenlik, Volkan Gökbulut, Ferhat Bacaksız, Derya Arı, Yasemin Ozin. Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Patients with Nutcracker Esophagus. Erciyes Med J. 2022; 44(3): 270-273

Corresponding Author: Ömer Öztürk, Türkiye
Manuscript Language: English
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