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Case Report
Clavis Panax Induced Anxiety Disorder: A Case Report
(Erciyes Med J 2014; 36: 127-129)
DOI: 10.5152/etd.2014.7200
Original Article
Effect of Aging On Emotional Learning And Memory In Male Mice Used As Animal Model of Anxiety
(Erciyes Med J 2003; 25: 118-121)
The Relationship Between Dental Fear and Sociodemographic Variables
(Erciyes Med J 2011; 33: 295-300)
Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction and Anxiety Levels in The Nurses
(Erciyes Med J 2007; 29: 139-146)
Predicting Death Anxiety by Psychological Dispositions of Individuals from Different Religions
(Erciyes Med J 2008; 30: 84-91)
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